Sustainable Practices

At Housewright, we respect the complexity of environmental and energy issues and continue to explore emerging technologies and cultivate relationships with subcontractors who specialize in related fields. We not only provide you with exceptional energy-efficient technology, but we also practice what we preach:

  • We installed all-LED fixtures in our shop and office. LED fixtures and bulbs are a highly energy efficient lighting technology, resulting in at least 75% less energy usage, and they last 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting.
  • We’ve upgraded our Office Heating System to a three-head heat pump which has further reduced our fossil fuel use and carbon footprint.
  • We recycle at our woodworking shop/office location and projects, saving approximately 170 Mature Trees annually just from our Newbury Location. This also reduces landfill space usage by approximately, 30 cubic yards per year.
  • We’re avoiding plastic waste by using filtered water in our office rather than a water cooler.
  • We reduce waste and lower costs on the job site by reusing building materials when agreeable and beneficial for our clients.
  • We donate leftover building materials to climate change organizations and other non-profit(s).
  • We use low-VOC water-based paints in our Shop Finishing room and job sites when possible.
  • Newly installed Rooftop Solar System (as of December 1st, 2023) at the 5365 Main Street S. Newbury Office Location. 
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Housewright will work with you to provide you with a range of options to suit your needs and budget. We’ll be happy to help your project be as green as you want to be, whether it’s a simple renovation or a LEED-certified structure. We take pride in encouraging new home builds to incorporate a super-insulated shell in excess of code requirements to maximize energy savings.

We offer infrared analysis, providing information about building performance through non-invasive means. With this technology, we can evaluate such elements as: heat loss; inefficiencies or failures of HVAC systems; moisture intrusion; roof conditions; and radiant floor tubing locations/problems.

To deliver the greatest value to our clients, Housewright focuses on including energy-efficient technologies in every aspect of the building process from maximizing your site’s preservation of natural resources and the resources found in our materials to installing high-efficiency heating-ventilation-air conditioning systems to save energy and money. We offer sustainable and healthy building materials for our clients’ projects whenever possible.

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