HWC Welcomes Troop 273

boy scout visit with dan

On Wednesday, September 26th, Housewright Construction welcomed special visitors to one of our construction sites in Lyme, NH, where we are remodeling a home and building a second story addition. The purpose of the visit was to provide the opportunity for two members from Boy Scout Troop 273 to complete tasks from the list of the requirements to earn their Model Design and Building merit badge.

To receive this merit badge, the Scouts must demonstrate their understanding of both model-maker and builder hand tools and demonstrate knowledge of the appropriate safety precautions to follow when working with flammable, hazardous, or dangerous materials. They must be able to explain the uses for architectural, structural, process, mechanical, and industrial models. Each must complete a scale model of his own design. Finally, they must identify three career opportunities within the modelmaking field, choose one, and research the education, training and experience required for that profession.

Site Foreman Dan Bartlett gave the boys a tour of the project and explained the details of the building activities they were observing. They were quizzed to test their knowledge and they had to use the architectural blueprints to orient themselves within the site. Each scout got to take home a set of the blueprints to help with their own design.

We wish both Scouts the best as they continue earning their badges!

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